About your custom portrait session

Once we have your contact details we will arrange to meet with you to carry out a personal consultation to determine your specific needs & establish exactly what your requirements are as an end product.

Our speciality is large format wall-art & collections which can comprise of various types of prints from traditional framed photographic to gorgeous canvas or even stunning "metallic" finishes.

We will discuss whether you would prefer a studio-style shoot offering numerous different "looks" which can take place either in a full studio or, space permitting, in your own home. We can talk about space requirements when we discuss your session.

If you would prefer a location-based shoot then we can discuss potential locations, either based our own experience or, if you have a specific location in mind, then we can also discuss that option.

Lead Removal

Part of the joy of living with a dog is that all dogs & owners are different and have different needs & behaviours. Some dogs work well off-lead whereas others, at least in certain circumstances, are perhaps better managed whilst on-lead.

If you are more comfortable with your dog on-lead then don't let that put you off enjoying a fantastic collection of photos! When photographing dogs on-lead there are various "tricks of the trade" to help hide or minimise the impact of leads but even if that isn't possible for whatever reason, it's almost always possible to magically "remove" the lead with the skills & software that we have invested in over the years, and this is one of the many benefits for working with an expert pet photographer!

Below are just two such examples, and in neither shot was any particular effort made to hide the lead as they were both just quick snapshots whilst out walking rather than part of a planned portrait session).